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Frequently Asked Questions

Is It Free To Join?

Yes absolutely, we will not charge you to use our website and neither will the survey companies we promote.

If It’s Really Free To Join, How Do You Make Money?

The survey companies pay us a small fee to find panelists of all different genders and ages to take their surveys, to gain opinions from all different types of people which makes there research fair.

How Do I Register?

Click the join now button, enter your details and select the survey companies you wish to join (the more you join now the more surveys available for you to take and earn money from)

How Many Surveys Can I take?

There really is no limit, the more time you devote and the more survey companies you select from us, the more you can earn.

How Long Will The Surveys Take To Complete?

It does depend, surveys that pay more can take longer but some can take just a few minutes.

Can Anyone Join?

There are surveys available for people of all ages, some start from aged 16, but the majority are 18+ making our service very popular with all ages.

Are My Details Secure?

Yes, your details are stored in our secure password protected software and only passed on to the companies you select, which are large reputable market research firms.

Who Are You?

We are A marketing aggregator who has partnered with large market research companies to help them find panelists to share their opinions. Our company is Rock Paper Click. Company number 10392142. Registered office: Keystone Innovation Centre, Croxton Road, Thetford, IP24 1JD

*Based on possible earnings, results vary depending on your demographic and the amount of companies you select to work with